The Event Showcase is a great way to find how other organisations, communities, friends and families are celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day right across Australia.

If you want to better promote your own local event, simply fill out the event registration and let everyone know how you’re going to celebrate our little ones on 4 August.

Museums Victoria – Scienceworks

Contact: Avvy Banerjee,, 03 9392 4853,

Partnering with SNAICC – National Voice for our Children, Scienceworks celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day with a special day dedicated to Koorie people, knowledge, stories and culture. Explore Indigenous Australian constellations in the planetarium, get involved in traditional performances and Aboriginal art experiences, and come to face to face with some real Australian Animals including frogs, turtles and snakes! Little Kids’ Day In on Monday 5 August will be a fun day especially for kids aged 5 and under, their parents and carers.

Bee You Family Day Care

Contact: Tamara Ruffin,

They will hold a group play date with other family day cares in Hudson Park, Kilmore, VIC.

Annadale Preschool

Contact: Samantha Latham,, 03 9356 6742

At their preschool they will build on their embedded Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness through:
• Children creating their own paintings and artworks about the Children’s Day theme, We Play, We Learn, We Belong, and displaying them for everyone to enjoy.
• Arranging for the class to do culturally relevant activities including a memory game, traditional music and through a set up play space.
• Inviting Koori families into the service or school for storytelling and cultural activities.
• Having a flag raising ceremony with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags.

Bundalaguah Primary School

Contact: Viv West,, 03 5147 1110

The school will run an art session around the theme – We Play, We Learn, We Belong. There will be classroom activities and support from KESO.