Newcastle – The Aboriginal Legal Service, Care and Protection Practice

Event Details:

The Aboriginal Legal Service, Care and Protection Practice is holding a Symposium ‘Aboriginal Children, Culture and the Law – Changing Practice’ on Friday, 5 August in Newcastle.

We’d like to announce that due to a change in scheduling, we’ve been able to fit the program into one day. We hope this is more suitable for our participants and costs have been revised accordingly. We welcome all relevant staff and interested community members to attend the symposium.

The symposium has a law focus – it is aimed at examining and educating about specific legal issues in the care and protection system, as they relate to Aboriginal children and young people. We want to look at viable ways we can all improve practice collectively when it comes to proper, culturally sound support for Aboriginal children and young people involved in the care and protection legal system. Overall, we want to find ways – together – to stop the cycle of removal in our communities – and our symposium is one small step.

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Inquiries can be directed to Brittany Tilden, Regional Administration Coordinator or Wendy Hermeston, Practice Manager on (02) 8836 3444 or email: