How to celebrate Children’s Day

Cultural dancing is one way to celebrate Children’s Day

Each year there are more than 500 Children’s Day events held around the nation. Join the growing movement to celebrate our children by holding your own Children’s Day event and registering your event

You could do this at your workplace, school or kindergarten, or in partnership with a local Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander organisation or community. Ideas include hosting a morning tea or a barbecue, cultural dancing, arts and craft sessions, cultural exchanges, concerts and performances, storytelling, competitions, sporting days, games and activities.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Arrange for kids at school or in child care to create their own paintings and artworks about the Children’s Day theme, We are the Elders of Tomorrow, hear our voice, and display them for everyone to enjoy.
  • Organise an open day or morning tea at work for people to bring their children.
  • Arrange for kids to do culturally relevant activities in services, school, child care, or at home.
  • Hold a family fun day for foster and kinship carers and their foster children.
  • Promote the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people in your school or local community through young achiever awards.
  • Organise a children’s picnic or activities in a local park.
  • Bring Elders, families and their children together in your service or school for storytelling and cultural activities.
  • Have a flag raising ceremony with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags.
  • Tell your local newspapers, radio and television stations about why your service supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.
  • Hold a fete or fundraising activity for children in your community.
  • Organise sporting events or competitions for children and young people.
  • Invite local leaders, politicians and Elders to spend some time at your service or school on Children’s Day.

You can hold an event on 4 August, or in the week before or after, at your convenience. If you can’t host an event, see if you can attend someone else’s to join in the celebration!

Each year SNAICC produces and distributes fun Children’s Day bags to help local communities and organisations celebrate the day. Stay tuned for information on ordering these bags.