WINS Community Centre

NGNY Developer

National Children’s Day 4 August 2020

• 2020 theme “We are the elders of tomorrow, hear our voice”
• Time 1:30 – 3:00
• Do a speech on awareness around what National children’s day
• Opening welcome to country (Michael Peachey)
• Guest speaker – What is children’s day?
• Get high School AEO involved, ask if they wanted to get a group of ATSI kids together and bring to our event.
• Primary School involved, Contact AEO
• Get elders involved- Story telling
• Have a flag raising ceremony with Aboriginal and Torres straight islander flags
• Get School to do a “dress down day” bring a dollar to school to raise money for children’s day and were any cultural bright shirts
• Put on a BBQ at the back of wins (Sausages, kebabs, Salad, fruit salad yoghurt) promoting healthy eating
• Live music (Milly mills? Or Michael Donovan)
• Arts and Craft (4 tables, boomerang canvases)
• Activities – Quit b fit
– Wellington cowboys (footballs drills)
– Barnardos (children from 5-10)
– Mission Australia

• Invite other services within our community threw email to our event