Pelican’s Nest Early Learning Centre

NGNY Developer

We will be holding a celebration for Children’s Day, by providing a cuppa and sweets for a gold coin donation inviting our Centre and School Community.
We will also have a canvas for creating a Family Kinship Tree for children, staff and the wider community to be a part of by placing their thumb print and their name on this tree. We will proudly hang this in our Child Care Centre to represent that the “Children are Elders of Tomorrow, Hear our Voice” as part of our ongoing commitment for embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture into our every day learning.
Throughout the day the children will be participating in many of the activities that you have provided on the website.
We are currently awaiting a reply from a local Gubbi Gubbi Elder to provide a worthwhile beneficiary for the money we will raise.
We are very excited to be a part of this beautiful event.