Gunyangara FaFT and Annex (Nhulunbuy Primary School)

NGNY Developer

• The celebration will be a relatively informal event with a variety of activities being offered simultaneously to promote both interest and social distancing.
• It will be held at the Gunyangara FaFT/Annex site from 9:00am-11:30am on Tuesday 4th August 2020. This will be a total duration of 2.5 hours.
• Activities will include:
o Art/Craft: face-painting, cross-thatching, hand and foot printing
o Story-telling
o Music and singing/dancing (NT Music School)
o Brainstorming ideas about ‘what culture means to me’ – recording and transcribing ideas and thoughts (to be displayed)
o Recording ‘voices’ (using an iPad?) to capture the memories of the day (to be made into an iMovie)
o Bush Medicine: making/cooking the medicine and therapeutic massages
• The format of the event will follow:
o Greetings (9:00am)
o Welcome to Country
o Explanation of the day
o Activities
o Celebration Cake-cutting
o Celebratory feast
o Farewells and acknowledgements (11:25am)