Fairfield Wests PS

NGNY Developer

This email to all staff will explain details of the day

The Tuesday of Education Week (04/08/20) is National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day. The theme is: We are the Elders of tomorrow, hear our voice.

Your grade CAPA representative has already explained that you will be using that day to complete an Aboriginal artwork reflecting the theme of Drought & Bush fire.

During the day, your class will also go to the Aboriginal Garden to listen to a talk by ??. As stated by ??, to accommodate all classes, the schedule is quite tight so, please make sure you’re on time. The timetable has been attached to this email. Please let me know if there are any issues with the times allocated.

In the staff room, there will be a resource table set up tomorrow with activities you could do with your class on that day. These activities are completely optional. If there is something you’d like, please make a copy and leave the original document there for others to use.

A big thanks to the ?? and the Aboriginal Committee for all of their work and organisation for Education Week and ?? for giving us the opportunity and resources to celebrate ‘Learning Together’.

Looking forward to seeing the beautiful artworks, when they are displayed in the hall.